About us

NLDC is the largest Dutch colocation provider offering carrier- and cloud-neutral services. We operate large data centers in the Amsterdam Metro area and in several rapidly growing regional hot spots. Our current capacity of 28,000 m2 and 22.5 MW offers customers attractive options for rapid deployment.


Over the past two decades, we have focused on providing colocation services as a business unit within KPN, the leading Dutch telecommunications company. The launch of NLDC in 2017 as a carrier- and cloud-neutral colocation provider concentrates six data centers into a new company


Our first data center opens in Oude Meer, Amsterdam (1)

Our second data center in Aalsmeer (2), Amsterdam opens

We open our third data center in Almere, Amsterdam (3)

We open a data center in Rotterdam

We open a data center in Groningen

We open the first Dutch Tier IV data center in Eindhoven 

We relaunch as NLDC


Our design team includes two of the twelve accredited tier-designers in the Netherlands. We constantly strive to improve the reliability, sustainability and overall quality of our data centers.


We are committed to reducing and mitigating our impact on the environment. All our data centers are CO2 neutral and operate on renewable energy. We use advanced cooling and monitoring techniques to reduce our total energy consumption and improve our power usage effectiveness.

Our latest data center at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven is the world’s first data center built on cradle-to-cradle inspired principles.The building can easily be repurposed or deconstructed in the future. In addition, all residual heat is reused in an energy exchange with the local High Tech Campus, resulting in a CO2-negative footprint. Heat from the data center warms the High Tech Campus and the data center in return receives cold air.