Business Continuity

Guaranteed uptime for your IT

We take care of your business continuity 

Availability of data, applications and your IT infrastructure are the foundation for the continuity of your organization. We ensure that you always have access to your IT environment and for optimal physical security of your equipment.

What makes our data centers reliable?

All NLDC data centers meet the highest standards for uptime, security and fire safety. Power supplies are redundant to prevent outages. Our climate control is a perfect balance between the right temperature & energy efficiency. In addition, the physical security of our data centers is designed in such a way that no one has access to our locations without authorisation. We use the latest technology for fire protection and monitor the availability of your IT day and night. If you outsource your IT infrastructure to NLDC, you can be sure that your business operations are in the right hands, 24/7.

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We invest in your continuity

Expansion of the back-up power capacity at NLDC data center Eindhoven

Transport of an additional cooling system for NLDC data center Eindhoven


Your equipment, data and applications are optimally secured at NLDC. All our data centers are physically secured by on site guards 24/7, 365 days a year. Only authorized individuals have access to our locations after checking a valid identity document and by means of biometric data such as a fingerprint. In addition, every location in the data center is equipped with surveillance cameras.

Connected 24/7

The high-speed, ultra high broadband network that connects all our data centres facilitates twin datacenter and multi-site solutions and offers possibilities for redundant storage and processing of business-critical data. This guarantees continuity and prevents the loss of valuable data.

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