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Organizations increasingly choose to place applications and workloads in a public cloud, or reap the benefits of a combination of public and private clouds (hybrid cloud). This allows them to quickly scale up capacity, create test environments and make applications and data available to employees all over the world. But which cloud service provider will best fit your needs?

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Before choosing a cloud service provider, it is wise to take stock of your future needs. Which cloud service provider is best suited to grow with you, and how easy would it be to switch if your business changes an requires different services? Can you easily control costs and still count on the scalability you need? And last but not least, where in the world is your data physically stored and are you still compliant with laws and regulations if you choose a foreign party?

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NLDC is your link to the public cloud

It is important to us that we provide the services you need in our data centers. That is why we offer connections with both the large public cloud providers and (often local) cloud providers that can fullfil more specific needs. Whether you want premium colocation services, excellent cloud connectivity or both: NLDC facilitates your rapidly changing IT needs.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest public cloud services platform in the world and offers a very wide range of services. AWS is known for its competitive prices, scalability and the ability to build (very) complex IT environments.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers freedom of choice. You can work in a public environment to host data, applications or databases or create a complete hybrid cloud application. Microsoft Azure supports most devices, operating systems and programs.

KPN Cloud

Over the past two decades, our data center services have been part of KPN, the leading Dutch telecommunications company. In 2017, our six data centers became independent and we continued in a new company: NLDC. Our relationship with KPN is still as close as ever, which is why we also offer KPN Cloud as one of the cloud services. KPN Cloud is known for its secure and reliable platform where files are stored as a backup and where internet and telephony intertwine. Your data is stored within Dutch national borders.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is one of the largest cloud service providers in the world and offers an interesting mix of uses for all your applications. For example, IBM Cloud offers the possibility to apply advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) through Watson for natural language processing, visual processing & machine learning. At NLDC in Almere, you can easily link directly to IBM Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud is growing rapidly in an effort to catch up with its competitor AWS. Google Cloud is known for its ease of use, competitive prices and the possibility of live migration.

Alibaba Cloud

A relatively new name in the Dutch market. Alibaba Cloud is the third largest public cloud service provider in the world and the largest cloud service provider in the Chinese market. Any organization that is doing business with China will come across this cloud service provider at some point.

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