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Colocation. Plain and simple

NLDC offers reliable colocation for racks, suites or large-scale data centre floor space. We believe there should never be any doubt about the availability of your IT-infrastructure. That's why our expertise is focused on one thing only: colocation and everything that is needed to support your IT needs.

Availability and security are our priority

We attach great value to the availability and security of your IT infrastructure. All of our Tier III data centers are equipped with Tier IV additions and therefore meet the highest requirements for operational continuity. NLDC also has the only Tier IV certified data center in the Netherlands. Continuous innovation and investments in our data centers uptime track record of 99.99999%. With a total floor area of 28,000 m2 and 22.5 MW of installed capacity, you have come to the right place for quick implementation.

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Data Centers in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen and Rotterdam

NLDC operates data centers in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (Aalsmeer, Almere, Oude Meer) and in several fast growing regional hotspots in the Netherlands: Eindhoven, Groningen and Rotterdam.

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“As one of the largest providers of data center services in the Netherlands, NLDC is one of the important partners of DCspine”

Jan Michiel Berkel, DCspine

Twin Data Center

Your organisation is completely dependent on the availability of IT. That is why you want maximum certainty that applications and data are always available. To completely rule out loss of data or applications not being available, colocation in two data centres, connected with a redundant, very fast fibre-optic connection is necessary. NLDC therefore offers various twin data center solutions, for both disaster recovery and failover by means of active/passive or active/active replication.

Geographically separated

The geographical spread of our data centers makes them idealy suited for twin data center solutions. In the event of an emergency in one data center, you will still have access to your data and applications in a second data center without delay. This way, your organization remains fully operational - without any loss of time or data.

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