Data Center Eindhoven

NLDC Data Center Eindhoven

NLDC Data Center Eindhoven

The NLDC data center in Eindhoven is the only data center in the Netherlands that is Tier IV certified by the American Uptime Institute. This certification guarantees that the data center in Eindhoven is designed and built according to the strictest standards for availability. This prevents, for example, power cuts or other failures from causing IT failures.

The data center in Eindhoven is built according to cradle-to-cradle principles. At NLDC we are strongly of the conviction that sustainability must have a central place in our business operations. That is why the NLDC data center in Eindhoven is connected to the heat network of the High Tech Campus and is used to exchange residual heat from the data center for cold, which makes considerable energy savings possible.

High Tech Campus 53
5656 AG Eindhoven (the Netherlands)
0800 6123 (local)
+31 (0)20 605 8888
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The NLDC data center in Eindhoven exclusively uses 100% renewable energy, is CO2 negative and is built according to cradle-to-cradle principles, including recycling of residual heat.


In addition to operational excellence, all NLDC data centers are characterized by optimal physical security. CCTV, biometric scans and 24/7 security are standard.


We do not only state that we meet the highest standards, we can also demonstrate this. Data Center Eindhoven is, among other certifications, Tier IV, PCI DSS and ISO 27001 & 9001 certified.


Tier level Tier IV
Colocation space 1,500 m2
Building type 1 floor, metal frame, concrete slab, metal facade, cradle-to-cradle inspired
Parking Free parking, adjacent to building
Floor type Raised
Floor load capacity 1500 kg/m2
Fire safety Fire suppression: HI-FOG, water mist, double knock fire activation


Power density 1 phase 32A A+B feed and 3 phase 32A
A+B feed as standard per rack, other feed types optional, Busbar Trunking
Utility feeders 2 x 3 MVA
UPS redundancy 2N
Standby power configuration 3 x 1.8 MVA diesel generator
Standby power redundancy 2N
Cooling configuration Chilled water
Cooling redundancy Primary cooling N+1
Secondary cooling N+1
Continuous Cooling


Physical security ✓ Layered security
✓ Strict access policy
✓ Accessible 24x7
✓ Access card
✓ CCTV surveillance
✓ Intruder alarm
Human security ✓ 24x7 security officers on site
Electronic security ✓ Card readers
✓ Biometric scanners
✓ CCTV + recording


Colocatie ✓ Suites
✓ Racks
✓ Office and storage space
✓ Meeting rooms
✓ Self Service Portal
✓ Monitoring Portal
Interconnection ✓ Data Center Connect
✓ Cross Connect
✓ Cloud Connect
Services ✓ Smart Hands & Eyes
✓ Migration Planning
✓ Equipment Sourcing
✓ Installation
✓ Patching




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