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NLDC Launches New Connectivity Service: Metro Connect

Since February 7, 2019, NLDC has been delivering the new Metro Connect service between its data centers in the Greater Amsterdam Area. The data centers located in Aalsmeer, Oude Meer (Schiphol) and Almere currently make up a single, virtual data center – which improves IP & Cloud connectivity in all sorts of ways.

Relined Fiber Network delivers the fiber-optic network between the centers, ADVA Optical Networking supplies the DWDM hardware, and Relined provides redundant fiber-optic connections between all NLDC datacenters that form part of Metro Connect. This means you can count on the highest level of availability. ADVA’s high-quality hardware provides the flexibility needed for the network and offers seamless upgrades to different speeds on the backbone. NL-ix, the Interconnect Exchange, ensures the realization of the connectivity grid, implementation of the network backbone, installation of the network hardware, and tests the connections.

“Colocation and connectivity services must, by their very nature, be integrated. In 2019, it’s an essential part of our strategy of more efficiently reaching various partner channels through Metro Connect (IP Transit, Hosting & Cloud, etc.). The datacenter run by Nikhef (the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics, which worked closely with CERN in developing the World Wide Web) is connected to our Metro Connect. This makes it easier to establish connections,” says Rick van Fucht, Connectivity Manager at NLDC.

Next Step in Datacenter Connectivity

Metro Connect marks the next step in the development of datacenter connectivity: you can now use the grid for connectivity between the three datacenters in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area for backup, fallback or other purposes. We also use Metro Connect to create twin or triple datacenter solutions – this allows you to optimize the availability of your IT environment and prevent data loss. Owing to the efficient collaboration with the parties mentioned above, Metro Connect is the best solution for reliable colocation and connectivity with the highest possible availability, making NLDC a one-stop shop in the region for colocation and connectivity.

Metro Connect also provides the opportunity to create customized solutions for connectivity, including for specific requirements related to latency, security and bandwidth. The fully redundant grid supports multiple bandwidths of up to 100GB/s, enabling you to flexibly build and manage your IT landscape.

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